Can't Get To Sleep Without Camping Pillows

Most people don’t consider Camping Pillows to be part of their camping furniture like camping chairs, tables and air beds.  However, camping pillows are just as important as the other pieces of camping furniture you pack because lack of a good camping pillow can leave you without a good night’s sleep, cranky in the morning and sometime ruin an otherwise wonderful outing.  Camping pillows are great for camping, but not too many people will consider buying one. People often forget to pack a camping pillow and usually end up bundling up their clothes into a small pile in the form of a pillow and lay their head on the clothes.  Others might bring a pillow from their bed at home and wash the pillow case when they

Josh Laid Comfortably On His Blue Pillow From Home During Our 3 Day Camping Trip

Josh Laid Comfortably On His Blue Pillow From Home During Our 3 Day Camping Trip

retun home but your pillow from home is often very bulky.  These options are probably okay for one night but a true camping pillow is a preferred option if your camping journey is a week or longer. When you bring a true camping pillow for the first time, everyone will be eyeing your pillow and want one of their own.

Camping Pillows are more comfortable than regular pillows, especially folding them to make them become more soft.  They are also very easy to store in your backpack. If you are like me, you have trouble getting to sleep if I don’t have a good camping pillow.  Camping pillows are a must for every serious backpacker and finding a good and quality camping pillow is so easy now over internet.  Kids also assume you’ve packed a camping pillow for them.  There are a wide range of materials made up for camping pillows. Generally, there are three types: compressible, inflatable and the one that combines the two.

The material used for compressible camping pillows are made up of synthetic fibers, foam or a combination for both. The compressible feature

Alps Mountaineering Camping Pillows
Alps Mountaineering Camping Pillows

is the selling point for this pillow. It is softer and lighter and also saves space in your backpack. Usually, nylon, cotton, and fleece are used for this type of pillow. Whereas, by using synthetic fibers, the pillow is more firmer and bulkier. But in return, the price is more affordable. Inflatable camping pillows possess the advantages of light weight and space savings and its firmness can be adjusted to a certain extent. Of course, these are more expensive. Thus, when purchasing your camping pillows, you have to consider the comparison between each type and also its price to see whether it meets your budget in terms of costs and benefits that these camping pillows give you.

Lastly, there are different types in shapes and sizes for your selection.  Chinook, Grand Trunk and Alps Mountaineering make some really nice camping pillows.  I encourage you to get add some camping pillows to your camping furniture so your next camping journey is a joyful one.


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