Having Fun With Lanterns

You probably already know from previous BLOG posts that I’ve written that there are several different kinds of lanterns available today including battery operated, gas powered, solar, and candle lanterns.  Each has its pros and cons i.e. some are noisier than others,while some light brighter etc. The basic purpose of any lantern is to provide light, especially at night; whether you are inside or outside of the tent.  But


Ryan; My Little Angel - Lanterns
Ryan; My Little Angel – Lanterns

there is another use for lanterns that we took advantage of during out last camping trip.  You can have fun with lanterns.  For example, you can place one on the picnic table just outside your camping tents and cast light right onto the tent wall.  Then position your hands between the lantern and tent while the kids are inside.  You can make all kinds of different shapes of animals and let your imagination go wild.

On our recent trip, my son Ryan hung a very bright electric lantern that was a little smaller than the size of his head on a post at about 6 feet high.  Then he stood in front of it at 12:00 midnight and I took his picture.  His body blocked most of the light.  By waving his arms and head a little bit and setting the camera to delayed exposure, he looked like an angel in the picture.  I told him he’s always been my little angel (even at 26 years old).  We all had a good laugh and thought the picture was really cool.  Have you ever had fun with lanterns?  If so, comment here and remember, “The Joy is in the Journey”.


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