Take The Bite Out Of No-See-Ums With Screen Tents

Biting midges or No-See-Ums as they are most often called can be a nuisance to campers, fishermen, hunters, hikers, gardeners, and others who spend time outdoors during early morning and evenings, and even during the daytime on still, cloudy days. They will readily bite humans; the bites are irritating, painful, and can cause long-lasting painful lesions for some people.

No-See-Ums - Use Screen Tents and Insect Repellants

No-See-Ums - Use Screen Tents and Insect Repellants

A common observation upon experiencing a bite from this insect is that something is biting, but the person suffering cannot see what it is.

Avoiding No-Seeums

Applications of insecticides targeting the adult stage are not efficient. The best way to avoid No-See-Ums is to install proper screening for windows and patios to prevent no-see-ums from entering residences and outdoor areas used for leisure and entertaining. Most biting midges can pass through 16-mesh insect wire screen and netting, so a smaller mesh size is required. The small mesh size does limit air flow through the screens, and an alternative is to treat screens with a long-lasting insecticide that will be fatal to the no-see-ums that land on the screen. Measuring 12 feet square, Screen Tents like the Texsport Montana Screen Arbor Tent has walls made of fine mesh to

Texport Montana Screen Arbor Tent - Screen Tents

Texport Montana Screen Arbor Tent - Screen Tents

screen out insects as small as no-see-ums. Two of the walls zip open as entrances. The arbor provides 82 inches of headroom. Roof and panels are flame-retardant heavy-duty taffeta. Legs are rust-resistant 3/4-inch-diameter steel with molded joints. Fiberglass poles support the roof. Stakes and a carry/storage bag come with the arbor. Setup instructions are included. The Texsport® Montana screen arbor gives you shelter from the sun and protection from flying insects, thanks to “no-see-um” mesh walls and a roof supported by fiberglass poles. It has 2 zippered entrances and comes with a carry/storage bag.

Additionally, because no-see-ums are so small and are weak fliers, fans can be used at high speeds to keep no-see-ums out of small areas. Repellents containing DEET (N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide) are typically used as mosquito repellents and are also labeled for use against no-see-ums and can be applied to screen tents prior to exposure to the biting midges. It is important that the directions for application that are printed on the label are followed for any product used as a repellent.

Take the bite out of your camping trip and outdoor fun.  Use screen tents and insect repellents to avoid those tiny, nasty little No-See-Ums before you start felling their annoying bite and resulting itching that is sure to put a damper on your experience outdoors.


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