Four Season Eureka Tents Stand Up To Mother Nature

Mother Nature has a way of changing your Camping Plans in a split second.  Suppose you buy a new tent, set it up in your back yard like you should to make sure all the parts are present and you know how to set up the tent.  Then you go to your camp site that you’ve had reserved for several months and you set up the tent again and all goes well.  Now you are camping with your wife and two little girls.  Everything is going fine and the smores on the campfire taste great.  It starts to get dark and you look at your watch and it’s about 9:30pm.  So you take the family


Eureka Tents - Four Season Tent
Eureka Tents – Four Season Tent

into the tent and bed down because the wind is starting to pick up just a little.  Everyone falls asleep quickly because it’s been a long fun day.  At around 10:30 the wind is blowing about 50 MPH and boom.  You are awaken by thunder.  Two minutes later the tent poles break and the tent falls down on you and the rest of your family.  Your little girls start screaming.  Your wife starts yelling at you like it’s all your fault even though she knows it isn’t.  What would you do?  I know I would immediately pack everyone in the car and head home for the night and return in the morning.  Experience has taught me that this is the easiest way to calm everyone and recover.

Another alternative would be to purchase a four season camping tent.  Eureka Tents like the Eureka Assault Outfitter 4 8.5-Foot by 7.5-Foot Four-Person Tent will give Mother Nature a run for her money and really stand up to the high winds.  Modeled after tents Eureka makes to shelter the military, the 4-season Eureka Assault Outfitter 4 can withstand the punishment of blowing sand, tropical storms and arctic cold. This three-pole rectangular dome tent sleeps up to four, and its streamlined shape easily sheds snow and heavy rain. The double-point front vestibule features UV and cold resistant window and is bottom venting; a single-point rear vestibule vents left, right, or rolls completely open. It features a has a heavy-duty bathtub floor made of 210D oxford nylon that repels water and a tough 75D Stormshield polyester ripstop fly with 1500mm coating. It’s further strengthened by the pre-bent 13mm 6000 series aluminum frame (three poles). Other features include two doors with durable #10 zippers, High/Low windows in each door for improved ventilation, and a post and grommet assembly.  What ever you do, don’t let this one incident stop your family from enjoying future camping experiences.  That’s the worst thing that can happen.  Find a way to turn the one negative experience into many more positive experience like you do with everything else in your life.  And always remember, “The Joy is in the Journey”.


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