6 Tips For Camping With Pets

I went camping recently and saw more dogs at the campground than ever before. My daughter Lisa and her fiancé Josh even brought their dog and their friend also brought a dog. It’s obvious that people consider their dogs to be very close members of the family and they don’t want to leave them at home alone so they bring their dog camping with them.  More and more campgrounds are allowing pets.  Our campground even
Lisa and her dog Lexi

Lisa and her dog Lexi

had a designated area for the dogs to do their business.  Listed below are some tips and suggestions if you plan to bring your dog camping.
Tips and Suggestions for Camping with Pets

  1. Do Not leave your pet locked up in your camper or tent all day long (burning up) while you are out enjoying yourself.
  2. Always keep in mind that dogs should not be subject to the extreme heat of summer or the extreme cold of winter. If you are camping in extreme temperatures and you can, leave the dog with a friend or kennel.
  3. Call ahead to see what is allowed — some campgrounds require pets to sleep in a tent or the car so bring any carrier or bedding you need for the pet.

    Gigatent Mini Explorer Dome

    Gigatent Mini Explorer Dome

  4. Instead of a cage, let your pet have his own tent. Gigatents makes several mini tents for pets like the Mini Explorer Dome, Mini Command Dome, Explorer Small Dome and Mini Giga Dome tents.  Gigatent also makes lots of kids tents and kids can play in some of these tents with their pets. Pack the tent with blankets and toys. Rig something inside (near the door) like a cinder block to hold the leash. It gives them a more comfortable escape when they get overwhelmed with new visitors, changes in surroundings/routine, etc.
  5. Don’t bring a pooper scooper (yuck for transporting), just plastic bags
  6. It’s hard to see your dog at night, especially if you have a little dog and it is a dark color like black or brown.  consider bringing glo sticks and attaching two together on the dog for a collar. This will help you always know exactly where the dog is!

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