Toddler Camping Tips – Kids Tents

Camping with toddlers isn’t as tough as some people say it is.  We all know toddlers are always on the go and inquisitive.  They always seem to be getting into something.  Sure, there are a lot of ways for your little jack pine savages to hurt themselves out in the woods than there are in a public restroom, but getting your favorite little toe-head out doors is good for them too. You might not be able to enjoy the peace and solace of

Cottage Play House Tent

Cottage Play House Tent

nature like you used to, but with a few tips, you can navigate some of the common pitfalls a little easier.

1.  Make sure you pack Child-safe bug repellent

2.  Create a safe play area inside your tent for you to put your child or baby

3.  Bring a high chair or booster seat with a buckle

4.  Pack proper camping attire in place of over-using sunscreen

5.  Bring pajamas and bedding so they feel at home in the camping environment

6.  Buy your toddler a kids tents that can be set up outdoors.  Playhouse Tents like the ones sold by Pacific Play Tents are particularly nice because they are big enough for multiple children to plan in and these kids tents will make your child feel at home even when in the wilderness.

Camping in the great outdoors, is a wonderful way to share a love of nature with your small child. Though there are many pitfalls awaiting toddlers, if you come prepared for the most common ones, you’ll be able to have a much more relaxing time together. Enjoy the summer safely, and you can revel in your little explorer’s sense of adventure and fun! Happy parenting! The Cottage Play House Tent from Pacific Play Tents is perfect for playing outdoors on a nice day.


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