Patriotic Cookware

My daughter Lisa has grown up to become the creative member of our family.  This was never more apparent than at out most recent visit to the home of her Fiance Josh and her during the 4th of July weekend.  Several family member had baked cookies for the gathering of family and

Lisa, Stephanie, Kyle and McKenna on the 4th Of July

Lisa, Stephanie, Kyle and McKenna on the 4th Of July

friends as is always done whenever we spend time outdoors; whether it’s in a back yard or at the campground.  And we all bring our own dishes


Patriotic Cookware
Patriotic Cookware

and cookware.  Some people bring paper plates and Lisa brings plate holders with flower shapes in them.  Others bring salads while Lisa and Josh had burgers and brats ready for the 4th of July.

One really cool thing Lisa did was she added a red, white and blue, star-shaped dishes to her outdoor cookware collection.  We stacked cookies and bars in the three US-flag colored dishes and it made me feel like saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the cookies.  It was a very creative and patriot feeling because while the cookies began to disappear, all of the stars showed their true colors.

Lisa was a star this weekend and I was really proud of the wonderful party she and Josh hosted.  I look forward to many in the years ahead.  My wife Kay and I also got to meet Lisa’s neighbors, Kyle, Stephanie and their little girl, McKenna.  Their daughter and my grand daughter have the same same and played together nicely.  It was a real pleasure meeting them.  What kind of creative dishes and cookware do you have ready to go on the 4th of July weekend?


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