Outdoor Games Include Human Car Wash

My daughter Lisa and her fiance, Josh invited me and my wife to their home for a 4th of July celebration and we had a really nice time.  While at their home, Josh showed us something he had made by himself that turned out to be really cool and something I think would be really fun if taken to your camp site.  He connected some PVC pipe to form an arch and turned it into a sprinkler by inserting small “misters” 6″ to 10″

Josh made his own Car Wash - Outdoor Games
Josh made his own Car Wash – Outdoor Games

apart.  Then he attached a host to the bottom of the PVC piping and when the water spigot is turned on, the assembly becomes a giant sprinkler through which outdoor games can be played.  Kids will run through the sprinkler over and over for hours and have lots of fun.  Josh even positioned the arch over a sidewalk near his house and small children drove their bicycle though the arch-way.  Others just walked through to get cooled off on a hot summer day.  After spending a good part of the day this past 4th of July weekend assembling a new chain-link fence in his yard, Josh decided to cool off by taking the play car-bed through the arch-sprinkler and giving the it a car wash.  He essentially created a human car wash. He sure felt a lot better and cooler after this.

Imagine taking this arch-sprinkler to your camp site and connecting a hose between the water spigot at your camp site and this arch-sprinkler.  The kids a the adults love this and they will make up a lot of their own outdoor games.  They will have a blast going through this and cooling off during a hot summer day.  All you have to do is buy a little PVC piping and some misters at Lowe’s and wah la; a Human Car Wash.  Remember, “The Joy is in the Journey”.


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