Whenever I’ve gone camping with my family we always spend time around a camp fire pit or fire ring loaded with wood and gaze at the fire.  We roast hot dog, marshmallows and all sorts of other goodies over the fire with a variety of camping cookware.  You have probably done the same thing and if you are like me, sitting around the camp fire is one of the main reasons for going camping.  Starting the fire, smelling the burning


Camp Chef Gas Fire Rings
Camp Chef Gas Fire Rings

wood, moving to avoid the smoke whenever the wind shifts, and enjoying the taste of food cooked directly over an open fire touch all the senses.  It simply doesn’t get any better.  Today I saw another kind of fire ring that blew me away.  It’s a gas or propane fire ring from Camp Chef.  It looks like a standard fire ring but unlike other fire rings where wood is burned, this gas fire ring comes with 12 pounds of lava rock so you don’t have to buy wood.  The flames of the fire come from a high pressure, propane burner so you can control the flame and light it quickly and without any problems.  You can still roast hotdogs, hamburgers and marshmallows or position a tripod over the fire ring to cook steaks and other camp treats.

When you are finished using the gas fire ring, you don’t have to put out the fire with water and dirt.  You just turn off the propane.  And it’s portable.  You can pack it all up, put it in a bag and transport it.  It can be used at your campsite, back yard patio or anywhere else you might want to have a camp fire.  Lastly, there is no clean up of burnt logs or ashes.  These sound like lots of nice qualities but I wonder whether the lack of a true wood burning smell would reduce the camping experience.  Overcoming the difficulties and challenges of starting a wood fire is what’s made camping really enjoyable for me in the past.  But to each their own.  Maybe you’d prefer camp fire rings like this one.  Let us know your thoughts and as always, remember, “The Joy is in the Journey”.


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