Sleep In One Tent And Eat Another Tent

You always want to make sure you have fun and your kids have fun when you go camping with kids.  Kids like camping and sleeping in tents

Edible Fruit Tents - Eat these tents in Kids Tents

Edible Fruit Tents - Eat these tents in Kids Tents

because it’s something new and different.  They get excited about all the fun activities camping has to offer.  The excitement starts from the moment your tell they you are going to take them camping and right up through the time when their camping tents and camping gear has to be packed up and put away.

Getting kids tents for them to play in heightens the excitement lever and makes kids feel more grown up too. Imagine telling your kids that in addition to bringing kids tents for them to sleep in, you are also going to be tents for them to eat; edible fruit tents and they get to help set them up.  Here is a tasty recipe that is healthy for kids, easy to make and kids love to eat these edible fruit tents.

Recipe Directions

  • Spoon a large scoop of thawed Cool Whip Topping in the center of individual plates.
  • Lean 2 small slices of pound cake or any other kind of cake (cheese cake, strawberry short cake, etc.) over the topping to form the shape of
    Ladybug Tent and Tunnel Combo - Kids Tents

    Ladybug Tent and Tunnel Combo - Kids Tents

    a tent and cover with sliced strawberries.

  • Chill until ready to eat.
  • Sprinkle any berries over these delectable tents or use a variety of chopped fresh fruit.
  • Add nuts if you want and adults will love these too.

So next time you plan to go camping, bring one or more kids tents and the ingredients for some edible fruit tents.  You might even want to consider getting the Ladybug Tent & Tunnel Combo and have your kids sit in the belly of the lady bug tent while eating their edible fruit tent.

Remember, “The Joy is in the Journey”.


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