Travel Light And Mobile With SUV Tents

If you like to travel light and you’ll be mobile (on the move a lot) when camping, I suggest you consider camping in SUV Tents or Truck Tents. If you remove all the seats in your SUV except the front two, you can clamped together four 4′ aluminum tree stand ladders with quick clamps as a base for a sheet of plywood to sit in the back of your SUV and for your air bed to sit on. This will allow you to stow all your camping gear under the


Sportz SUV Tent-84000 - SUV Tents
Sportz SUV Tent-84000 – SUV Tents

bed. The Cross brace should be in front with open access towards rear of SUV.  This is a perfect set up for the Sportz SUV Tent-84000 with Screen Room.

At night you can enter your van from the tent, close the dutch doors and pull down the hatch to keep yourself “Bear Proof” when camping in the mountains or deep woods.

The screen side room is great. You can close it off and zip it up tight for storage also. When you’re on the go and want to leave your camp site, you simply unhook the cinch boot and drive off; leaving your tent set up.

This SUV Tent will stand up to very windy weather, cold weather and rain as well. It’s fast to set up; ten to twelve minutes max.  It takes about 15 minutes to take down due to repacking in the provided duffel. The zippers are high quality on both the doors and windows.  SUV Tents truly allow you to travel light and be mobile.  So the next time you plan to go camping, consider car camping in you SUV with SUV Tents and remember, “The Joy is in the Journey”.


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