What Are Freestanding Tents

If you’ve ever done any searching for camping tents, you will see the term “freestanding” used a lot. The term “freestanding” is more than a little misleading. What it’s supposed to mean is that the tent supports itself—the poles are tensioned by inserting them into pockets or grommets on the tent, and then the tent stands…erect, so to speak. The problem with the term is it implies that once the tent’s poles are installed, you’re all set. Far from it. ALL tents must be staked out to ensure they don’t fly away in a strong breeze. And most freestanding

Limbo II - 3 Season Backpacking Tent, Catoma Tents

Limbo II - 3 Season Backpacking Tent, Catoma Tents

tents have a vestibule that has no pole at all, so that must be staked out. Finally, in severe weather, it’s more than a little prudent to add guy lines to the tent to add stability and wind-resistance. You get the picture—more stakes.

Why are freestanding tents so popular, then? Well, for one thing, they’re much easier to set up in a camping store showroom. And there is a convenience factor—it’s easier to set up a tent and simply stake it out to support the vestibule and pin down the corners than it is to set up a tent where you really have to pay attention to the stakes and how they’re placed.

Catoma Tents like the Limbo II, 3 season backpacking tent shown in the picture is a freestanding, lightweight solo tent for backpacking and camping. When looking to make it lightweight, they asked themselves, How low can you go? This one of the several Catoma tents that are freestanding and this one is a 2 person tent that offers all of the comfort of the Limbo I, 1 person tent with room for one more! Maybe you’re looking to cut your pack weight. Maybe you’re just looking for a way to justify the weight of an extra piece of gear. The Limbo is light enough.


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