Is it Paha Que or Happy Trails Family Camping Tents

Have you ever sat around a campfire shooting the breeze with your friends and talked about things you had planned to to but never got around to doing? Or perhaps you have plans to do something in the future but you just aren’t taking any steps to make it happen.  Well that’s what happened
Green Mountain 4 Person Tents - Paha Que Tents

Green Mountain 4 Person Tents - Paha Que Tents

to three camping buddies who talked about how to build a better tent years ago. One that wouldn’t leak, but was roomy. One that offered some headroom to folks that stand 6′ or taller; and, one that provided camping enthusiasts all the luxuries of home, when they were away from their own home. Today, these three guys own a business selling family camping tents.  They’re living their dreams and the product of their dreams include Paha Que Tents such as the Perry Mesa Tent, Paha Que Green Mountain 4 Person Tent and the Pamo Valley 6 Person Tent. Campers love ’em, but when they first see the name in print, they pause, scratch their head and wonder just how to pronounce Paha Que. And, does  it have a meaning? The preferred way to say it is: Pah-HAH-Kay which means ‘Happy Trails’. If you’ve been talking about getting outdoors and going camping, do it.  Don’t wait for a better time.  There is no time like the past.  Take some kids camping and enjoy the great outdoors.  Check out Camping Tents Haven to see these great Paha Que Family Tents and remember, “The Joy is in the Journey”.


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