Are Mummy Bags Just For Mommy

Do you know what a mummy bag is?  Do you know what the difference is between a standard sleeping bag and a mummy bag?  Well let me help you understand the difference because  can tell you one thing.  Mummy Bags are not just for Mommys. 

You are probably used to rectangular sleeping bags because they are the most popular.  You may have even grown up using one as a kid for sleep

Mummy Bags

Mummy Bags

overs.  But you may never have seen a real mummy bag.  No, they aren’t what Egyptian Mummys are laid to rest in. 

A mummy bag is a type of sleeping bag which narrows at either end to conserve heat, causing it to look slightly like an Egyptian mummy case. Many manufacturers of sleeping bags make mummy bags, which are usually rated for extremely cold weather. A variety of materials are used to make mummy bags and liners, to meet varying needs. You can order mummy bags directly from the manufacturer, or visit an outdoor supply store like Camping Tents Haven to acquire one.

The narrowed bottom of a mummy bag prevents heat loss through the feet. The top of the bag usually features a hood, so that the sleeper’s body can be covered from head to toe, usually with a small opening for the face. The side of the mummy bag zips up and down, like a regular sleeping bag, allowing people to get in and out easily. Because of the highly heat efficient design, mummy bags are the sleeping bags of choice for very cold environments.

A basic mummy bag is usually made from water resistant material stuffed with down or polyfill and quilted so that the stuffing will not settle in clumps inside the sleeping bag. Depending on the filling and textiles used, a mummy bag may require special laundering techniques. Many companies encourage the use of a sleeping bag liner that can be easily washed, allowing people to keep their sleeping bags sanitary. Sleeping bag liners can be made from cotton, flannel, or synthetic materials. In warmer weather, some people like to sleep in sleeping bag liners, using the mummy bag as a floor pad.

The design of a mummy bag is usually highly compressible, so that it can be packed into a very small sack. This also leaves a camper with plenty of room to pack other vitally needed supplies such as food, water, and a cook stove. The bags come in assortment of colors, and some campers also stick identifying tags onto their mummy bags to avoid any confusion.

Like all sleeping bags, a mummy bag will last longer if it is well cared for. After camping, the mummy bag should be aired out before being stowed away. If the mummy bag got wet, it should also be laundered to ensure that the filling is clean and dry, so that no mold will grow inside the sleeping bag. Many manufacturers like Alps Mountaineering offer a warranty, so that if the bag becomes torn or damaged in some way, it can be sent back to the factory for repair or replacement.  I like the Alps Mountaineering Desert Pine Series Mummy Bags made with Techloft insulation. Techloft Insulation consists of multi-hole staple-length micro-denier fibers that have a siliconized finish for maximum insulation, loft, and compactness.made with Techloft insulation. This Mummy Bag can handle temperatures that range from +20 degrees above zero to -20 degrees below zero.  And it is available in three sizes, regular, and long.  I prefer the wide and -20 degree options.  Add a Mummy Bag to your camping gear and remember, “The Joy is in the Journey”.


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