Kids Dream About Outer Space – Kids Tents

Did you ever dream about outer space as a kid?  Or watch Star Trek or Star wars like I did?.  “To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before”.  That was a phrase I had memorized as a kid.  That’s why it was so sad to hear that the

Space Module - Kids Play Tents

Space Module - Kids Play Tents

space shuttle era officially ended earlier today.  As Atlantis touched down under a cloudless and star-spangled sky at Kennedy Space Center, many people were excited to see the safe return of the astronauts.  But many people were just as sad to see then end of an era. 

After two signature sonic booms, the spacecraft seemed to suddenly drop out of the darkness on the three-mile runway, completing its long glide home from orbit precisely on the mark at 5:57 a.m. EDT. The safe return of a shuttle and its crew from a dangerous journey is always a cause for celebration but this one – the final landing after 135 missions spanning 30 years – made me wonder what the kids of today will dream about tomorrow? 

One way to keep kids interested in outer space is to get them a buy them a Space Module Kids Tent to play in.  Kids tents offer young kids an opportunity to pretend they are astronauts and imagine they are flying a space ship.  They pretend they are in outer space and communicate with alien friends.


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