Birdwatching With Kids And Binoculars

Don’t forget to bring several binoculars the next time you go camping. Bring a pair for yourself and a pair for each child that goes camping with you. The Barska Lucid View Binoculars are lightweight, compact and great for kids. They will be amazed at how close up they can get animals and

Barska 10x25 Lucid View Binoculars
Barska 10×25 Lucid View Binoculars

bird to appear. Then you can go bird and animal watching. Most forest parks and camping sites have brochures or leaflets about the different types of animals that can be found around the area that are worth watching and to look out for. A fun thing to do is to buy books on wild animals before your camping trip and play a game with your children to see who can spot the animals first. Just be sure that you keep your children at a safe distance.

I also recommend you bring some plaster paris along to and some small dixie cups so you can make some animal foot prints. For example, while going on a small hike, you might see some animals or birds with your binoculars. But you may also see some animal or bird foot prints. This is an excellent time to pour some water and plaster paris into a small dixie cup and mix with water. Then pout the mixture into the animal or bird foot print. Mark the spot then continue your hike. When to return, pick up the hardened mold, take it to camp and wash it off. When you get home, you can paint it and have your child write their name on the bottom of the mold along with the date it was created. This is a fun craft and the kids love it.

Always make sure the kids store their binoculars in a safe place when done so they can be used over and over again. Remember, “The Joy is in the Journey”.


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