First Time Corn On The Cob Eaters

Do you remember the first time you ate corn on the cob.  Remember how juicy it was when you bit into the kernels?  Remember how the butter and salt got all over your face?  Remember how the butter dribbled down your chin on on to your shirt.  Or how about the piece of kernels that
Family Cookware Set

Family Cookware Set

got stuck between your teeth and you spent hours trying to clean your teeth with your tongue.  These are fond memories many of us have and enjoy every time we eat corn on the cob.  It doesn’t matter if you are a child or an adult and it doesn’t matter if its your first time or you’ve eaten corn on the cob hundreds of times.  It’s always fun.  And it’s also fun eating corn on the cob when you are camping.  Yes, camping.  All you have to do is boil some water in a big kettle and cook the corn for about 20 minutes. Cookware like the Stansport Black Granite Family Cook Set fits the bill perfectly.  You might want to bring a few skewers to stick in the ends of the cob to help hold it while you are eating or insert a thin wooden stick into the end of the cob
McKenna eating corn on the cob - Cookware

McKenna eating corn on the cob - Cookware

and eat it right off the stick.  Or if your like my gran daughter McKenna shown in the picture, you can just grab each end of the corn on the cob with your bare hands and chomp away.
Sweet corn is really good and juicy this time of year so don’t miss out on one of the best and easiest to make family camping foods and treat your kids to some good ole fashioned Corn on the cob. My grandson Jacob also ate some corn on the cob this weekend and right after he finished eating, he asked if I had any floss.  Floss?  Unreal.  A 5 year old boy asking to floss he teeth after eating corn on the cob.  I was shocked.  Anyway, I took him to the bathroom and showed him where the floss was and he proceeded to floss his teeth.  Kids will never sieze to amaze me.

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