The Meaning of Just Ducky

Have you ever heard someone use the phrase “Just Ducky” and wondered what it means?  The phrase “Just Ducky is an English term and has many meanings.  Typically, ‘Ducky’ or “Just Ducky” has meant excellent, fine, wonderful, darling, charming, or cute ever since the 19th century.  The expression “I’m just ducky” is used in London a lot. It means “I’m just fine.” or “Things are going great for me.” It’s also used
Just Ducky Play Tents - Kids Tents

Just Ducky Play Tents - Kids Tents

sarcastically when one hears news they didn’t want to hear.  For example, “Oh, that’s just Ducky” might be said by your mom after hearing you got a bad grade on a test at school.  I visited Ireland once and heard this phrase several times from people who were there from London.  One of the things that will make your kids feel wonderful is playing in Just Ducky Play Tents.  “Just Ducky”is also a Brand name for some charming kids tents.  I’ve never heard anyone talk sarcastically about these cute Just Ducky Play Tents that are easy to set up and tear down.
These Just Ducky Play Tents are available in a variety of patterns from Camping Tents Haven and they are great for outside too.  One of them even has the pattern of a cow.  One of the things I enjoy doing is sitting down with my grandchildren to eat breakfast or lunch and we always talk about fun stuff.  When I see them eating a lot, I sing them a little tune I made up called “Nay, Nay Moo Moo” to imply they are eating like a cow.  It always gets a laugh.  My 5 year old grandson has even learned the tune and starts to sing it when he sees me eating a lot too. He’d think the Just Ducky Play tents are all wonderful because he likes setting up his own tents.

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