Camping Tents For Handicapped People

We now live in an age where people with disabilities have established rights including camping for disabled persons. Camping is a great way to take a holiday and to become involved in activities enjoying the great outdoors and handicapped people or people with disabilities enjoy the outdoors and camping just like everybody else. If you have a disability or you plan to go camping with someone who has a disability, you should look for campgrounds that offer camp sites for the handicapped.  Many campgrounds offer wheelchair accessible camping. Its worth contacting a camp site to find out about amenities such as wash rooms. Some campgrounds are able to offer more than others, it depends if the land for the site is actually practical for wheelchair use and the costs involved for adaptations. Contact a campground in advance to ask if they have a place to set up camp that will suit a wheelchair user. They may reserve a place to pitch that is close to amenities and offers the surrounding areas with a pathway and flat surface.

Whether you are Rv Camping or using a customized tent you have options available that will enable you to sit by a campfire under the stars

Eureka Freedom Outfitter 11 Camping Tent for the disabled - Eureka Tents

Eureka Freedom Outfitter 11 Camping Tent for the disabled - Eureka Tents

welcoming your great abilities to get your self or others out there enjoying what nature offers. Campsites may not display the wheelchair accessible camping sign on the website or state an awareness of camping for disabled people. This does not mean they do not have the facilities, it is worth viewing the campsites that you like and then contact the ones you have an interest in and ask if the camp site provides suitable camping for disabled people. A bit of research and you will be on to a winner.  Here are some of the things to check.

  • Is the campground area level?
  • Are the grounds concrete and have pathways?
  • Do they have hook ups for electricity?
  • Are the showers/toilets accessible?

CampingUnlimited provides year-around recreational activities and summer camping for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Campwinston provides inspiring recreational opportunities including camping for kids with complex neurological disorders who need highly specialized support. Located on beautiful Sparrow Lake in the Muskoka region of Ontario, we operate a summer camp, weekend retreats and week-long retreats throughout the year.
provides a list of websites that provide info for the disabled camping.

Camping Tips

  • Prepare a Tent Camping Checklist for all items and camping gear needed for a camp trip
  • Prepare your camp food, for what to take, and a camping food list etc, with our Camping Food Ideas page.

Many campsites offer discounts for disabled persons camping or elderly that are worth enquiring about.

Camping Tents

The Eureka Freedom Outfitter 11-Foot by 6.5-Foot Two-Person Tent has wheelchair accessible doors and while is is expensive, it is made for a disabled person. Eureka Tents are well known for there quality.  Many camping tents today have a bathtub floor that’s curved up about four inches to prevent water from getting inside the tent when it rains.  Tub style floors are the standard today but this 4 inch lip on the bottom of the tent also makes it difficult get a wheelchair inside the tent.  An alternative would be to find a tent with no floor or find a large tent and cut the edges of the tub style floor to allow easier entry with a wheel chair.

If you are looking for other camping tents that you may need assistance with access but don’t have wheelchair access, check out Camping Tents Haven.  They have over 400 tents to choose from and will be able to offer suggestions.
Smart Camping guide wishes you a fantastic camping adventure.


2 Responses

  1. Great post! It is nice to know that I can now take out my handicapped friend camping, because they have a special tent for them.

  2. Outdated information! Eureka discontinued the Freedom tent YEARS ago! I haven’t been able to find ANY information about currently available wheelchair accessible tents.

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