Teach A Kid How To Start A Campfire

Starting campfires can sometimes be challenging for adults but teaching kids how to start campfires helps make it fun and rewarding. If you use these ideas about how to start a campfire and coach a kid to help you, things should go well for you and the kids will learn good, saft lessons.

First off make sure that fires aren’t restricted. Areas affected by drought or dry seasons may be under “no-burn” restrictions. Also, depending

Add an Aurora Fire Starter ™440C With Magnesium To Your Camping Supplies

Add an Aurora Fire Starter ™440C With Magnesium To Your Camping Supplies

on the location, you may or may not be able to gather wood or kindling from the surrounding area. Follow local ordinances and restrictions.

1. Avoid starting a campfire in dry areas or in high winds because the fire can spread easily.

2. Always have water close at hand in case of emergency.

3. Use the firepit the campground has provided.

4. Clear the area surrounding your pit of dry leaves, pine needles, twigs, and other combustible materials.

5. Gather up some paper, dry leaves or pine needles, dry twigs, small branches or split wood, and your wood.

6. Place the small branches or split wood so that they form an inverted cone or teepee shape. The base of which starts wide and then tapers to a point at the top. The wood is supported at the top by wood leaning in the opposite direction.

7. Add enough small branches so that the structure supports itself easily, but leave a small opening to place twisted paper (newspaper or old telephone book pages work well and are good to pack along with other camping gear) or leaves, and a nice pile of old dry twigs.

Make sure you always pack a good fire starter with your camping supplies. Lighting the paper with a fire starter like the Aurora Fire Starter ™440C With Magnesium is safe and kids will enjoy stiking the flint to create the required spark. The spark can be used to ignite small twigs and small branches/split wood to catch fire. Here are some additional tips on how to start a campfire.

  • Small hand axes can come in handy to split wood into small pieces of tinder.
  • If you have a hard time keeping the fire going, if there’s a lot of smoke, or you hear sizzling, your wood is most likely wet. Dry wood usually ignites easily and continues to burn, where wet wood is hesitant to burn and hard to keep going.
  • Ideally freshly cut wood should dry or ‘cure’ for several months to a year before it’s used. Splitting the wood and storing it under a tarp can help to shield it from rain while it dries.
  • Never leave a campfire unattended. If you’re done using your campfire or going to sleep, douse the flames and coals with enough water to completely extinguish it. Wildfires can quickly sweep through an area, and once started can be difficult to stop.

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