Using Camping Grills To Cook Corn Dogs And Potatoes

Cooking on camping grills is always fun because you’re eating outdoors.  What makes it even more fun is cooking creative meals.  For most

Cooking Potatoes on Camping Grills
Cooking Potatoes on Camping Grills

people, hamburgers and hot dogs and the most common and easy foods to cook on camping grills.  However, corn dogs and potatoes are also a fun food to cook on camping grills.  Corn dogs are simple, a real no-brainer.  You just buy some frozen corn dogs and keep them in the cooler until you are ready to cook them, then put them on the grill with the stick end facing outward.

Rotate the corn ogs periodically until there are burn stripes across the brown part of the corn dog.  Cut the potato into slices length-wise as shown in the picture.  Spray some “I can’t believe it’s butter” on each of the slices then place the slices directly on the grill.  Season them every 5 minutes with salt, Lowery’s salt and pepper.  Add more spray butter to each slice and after 8-10 minutes flip each potato slice.  After cooking the potato for about 15 minutes, remove and eat.  They taste great.


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