Say No To Mosquitos Indoors Too

The last thing you want after returning from a camping trip is to be eaten alive by mosquitoes when unpacking your camping gear.  What a pain it would be to have to be slapping mosquitoes every 2 seconds when unpacking and especially if mosquitoes have found their way into your home or cottage.  There are dozens of different insect repellents available today to help get rid of pesky mosquitoes.  One effective insect repellent isn’t really a repellent after all.  It’s a mosquito trap that lures mosquitoes to an area you don’t spend time around much.  I recommend and mosquito trap that can be used indoors to kill those pesky critters while your

NOsquito Indoor Insect Trap
NOsquito Indoor Insect Trap

are away on a camping trip.  The Stinger Nosquito Indoor Insect Trap MA06 catches a fair number of mosquitoes and lasts for years. This indoor-only unit uses ultraviolet light and heat to attract and trap the insects. It has a removable tray for easy cleaning and a price that’s tough to beat.

This indoor trap uses no chemicals or pesticides so it is environmentally safe.  The trap features an easy pullout drawer for emptying. The unique drawer lock allows beneficial insects to be released outdoors if desired. The top snaps off for easy bulb replacement and the bulb should be replaced annually for optimal catching performance. This indoor trap has been proven effective against mosquitoes, flies, fruit flies, moths, and ladybugs. The unit can last for up to five years. The trap takes care of indoor mosquito problems, although some gripe that the fan is a little on the noisy side.

Unlike other traps, this one is designed with a removable tray to make it easier to empty — although emptying any mosquito trap seems to be challenging. This mosquito trap runs on electricity (as opposed to propane). This trap is also very inexpensive.


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