Glow In The Dark Pebble Pets For Camping Tents

It’s a lot of fun to take your family camping and I know from experience that it’s a lot more enjoyable if you have things planned for the kids to do.  First start by asking them to help set up your camping tents.  While you may consider it work, they

Add Alsalume Liquid Light To Your Camping Supplies And Make Some Pebble Pets

Add Alsalume Liquid Light To Your Camping Supplies And Make Some Pebble Pets

will normally like getting involved and helping you set up the tent.  Let them know you have something fun planned if they do a good job.

After setting up your camping tents, tell the kids something is missing. The camp site needs some Pebble Pets.  Ask the kids to pick up a few rocks and color them with special ‘Glow in the Dark’ markers.  Make it a contest to see who can color a rock to look most like a pet.  Suggest they color the rock to look like a ladybug or a frog.  Let them choose the type of pebble pet they want to make.  Make several pebble pets and place them around the camp site.  If you add some Alsalume Liquid Light markers to your camping supplies, the kids can color the pebble pets and see them glow in the dark at night with different colors.  They can place the pebble pets 0directly outside the camping tents and create a night light atmosphere.

You can get Alsalume Liquid Light markers or spray on line at Camping Tents Haven.  Kids will love the little pets thay make all by themselves.  They will want to take the pebble pets how and show their friends too.  Another thing you can do with the Alsalume Liquid Light is to first mix some plaster paris with water in a Dixie cup and pour the mixture in the foot prints of animals, then color the foot prints.  Late at night, the foot prints will glow in the dark and seeing footprints at night with no attached body is a little eerie.  Remember, “The Joy is in the Journey”.


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