Tips For Using Gear Lofts In Camping Tents

You know your tent is your home-away-from-home when camping, but like an efficiency apartment it doesn’t come with a lot of closet space. Wouldn’t it be nice to have somewhere to store your toothbrush, cell phone, or handheld GPS device so you don’t roll over them in your sleep. Gear lofts add handy storage space to your camping tents.

A gear loft is essentially a square or triangle segment of netting that attaches with clips and shockcords to the clothesline

Wenzel Great Basin Family Dome Tent - Camping Tent Two Gear Lofts

Wenzel Great Basin Family Dome Tent - Camping Tent Two Gear Lofts

loops located just below the ceiling of a tent. Camping Tent websites like Camping Tents Haven offer lots of tents to choose from that include gear lofts.  Camping Tents like the Wenzel Great Basin Family Dome Tent actually has 2 gear lofts. You can even rig your own improvised gear loft to save money.

Secure the gear loft so it forms a shelf or cargo net below the tent ceiling. You want to make sure the gear loft hangs low enough to keep things within easy reach, but high enough not to throttle you when you sit or stand up. You can adjust the tension on most gear loft clips to raise or lower the net.

Store small, lightweight items in the gear loft to save space on the tent floor and still keep items close at hand. Think of your gear loft as your tent’s equivalent of a nightstand. Use it to stow your watch, phone, keys, wallet, book, maps, glasses and other personal items. Some gear lofts feature handy pockets to keep items organized.

You can also turn your gear loft into a chandelier. Hang your headlamp, a lightweight flashlight or a battery-powered taplight in the gear loft to serve as an overhead lamp. (This is a great way to give little campers a nightlight.) A few camping gear manufacturers offer gear lofts with built-in lights.

If you have family tents, hang your family’s camping gear in the gear loft to dry. You can toss lightweight, wet articles like socks and T-shirt into the gear loft, or hang them from the shockcords, to dry overnight. Speed up the process in dry weather by opening your tent’s roof vents, if you have them. Gear lofts aren’t sturdy enough for heavy wet articles like jackets, so dry these outdoors.


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