Backpacking Tents Don't Consume Calories But You Gotta Watch Their Weight

Proper camping gear can mean the difference between a great or a bad hiking, canoeing or camping trip so it’s important to consider the weight of you camping tent or backpacking tents beforehand. In addition, other important considerations when choosing your camping tent are the size and type of tent you choose in regard to climate, season, design and capacity but we’ll focus on tent weight for now.

If you are a car camper, then tent weight isn’t such a great consideration. But if backpacking, canoeing or kayak camping is your plan, tent weight is

SwissGear Cheval Sport Dome Tent - 7'x7', Sleeps 3, Backpacking Tents

SwissGear Cheval Sport Dome Tent - 7'x7', Sleeps 3, Backpacking Tents

a huge factor. When tent shopping, remember that many three -season models have doors and windows which result in additional weight. And four-season tents are normally 10% – 20% heavier than three-season tents.

1 person tents and 2 person tents usually range from a little under 3 pounds to close to 6 pounds. For the most part, you probably won’t be too concerned about the tent weight unless you’re going on a week long, many mile trip.  Generally itt’s a good idear to keep your pack (with tent) under 25 pounds no matter what kind of activity you are planning.  But i’s up to you. I prefer knowing that I have a good quality, durable tent with me in the back country. To me, that out ranks weight.

SwissGear are good, low priced backpacking tents.   The Swiss Gear Cheval Sport Dome Tent sleeps 3 people, weighs about 8 lbs and has 2 hooded  windows for excellent ventilation. The windows, which are closable combine with  the 4, non-closable vents on the roof, for superb venting even in rain.  This is a nice backpacking tent if you are hiking with 1-2 other people.


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