Do Romantic & Fun Camping At Buttermilk Falls State Park In A 2 Person Tent

Buttermilk Falls State Park gets  its name from its main attraction which is a 165 ft  foaming waterfall, enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year. The water mixes, twists and turns over the rock, looking indeed like creamy buttermilk as it reaches the bottom. Buttermilk Creek drops a total of over 650 feet through this valley toward Cayuga Lake, tumbling over ten distinct waterfalls along the way.

Buttermilk Falls State Park could easily be divided into two sections, upper and lower, each offering you a romantically beautiful and fun experience.

Buttermilk Falls State Park

Buttermilk Falls State Park

The lower park offers superb waterfall viewing and a great chance to swim in the wake of the fantastic falls for which the park is named. A downstream dam deepens the plunge basin below the Falls, giving you an exceptionally cool and refreshing pool to relax and play in. This is the main draw of the park and it can get quite crowded on hot summer days.

The waterfalls of Buttermilk Creek are typical of the area – multiple layers of loose shale and porous limestone, which has been cut by the erosive powers of the creek, sculpting a spectrum of cliffs and leaving numerous waterfalls of various shapes and sizes along the way. Here you will see cool formations. Nearby Pinnacle Rock hogs all the attention. This 42 foot high spire, created by erosion and the expansion of a massive fault in the rock wall of the gorge, stands mysteriously alone in the creek bed. Potholes, carved by sand and pebbles caught in circulating creek currents can be found throughout Buttermilk creek, giving the glen more character and color, with their deep bluish tint.

The Buttermilk State Park campground gives you a chance for an extended stay. The 60 campsites present in the park offer no utilities, but are comfortably close to the park’s happenings while providing privacy and tranquility in the wooded and hilly setting  of the upper park. There are also 7 cabins available for rent in the camping area.

The park is open all year. Camping season is from May to October. Swimming is open from the last weekend in June through Labor Day weekend.
Paha Que Bear Creek 200 2 Person Tent

Paha Que Bear Creek 200 2 Person Tent

Call (607) 273-5761 for a more precise swimming schedule and campground information. All trails close November 10. Click here for more details about the Buttermilk State Park Campground in Ithaca, NY.
While I have been to New York many times, I have never been to this campground but it looks like a lot of fun and it is on my list of campgrounds to visit in the future.  Have you ever visited this park and how did you like it.
If you are planning to camp here in the future with a loved one and spend some romantic and fun time, 2 person tents are your ticket. A  2 Person Tent like the Paha Que Bear Creek 200 will work like a charm.  The Bear Creek 200 Tent is Paha Que’s first two-person backpacking tent. With a full mesh body, it is designed to provide a wide-open, sleeping under the stars feeling on dry nights, as well as a dry and secure environment when the weather turns nasty.

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