When you gotta go, you gotta go – Portable Camp Toilets Bumper Dumper

Bumper Dumper Portable Camp Toilets

Bumper Dumper Portable Camp Toilets

Nothing is worse that being sound asleep in your tent and having to go potty.  It’s easy when you are at home, but when you are in a tent, you don’t want to get up and walk down to the campground’s share’d rest room in the dark.  So what can you do.  You can buy a “Bumper Dumper”.  You say WHAT???  What’s a Bumper Dumper.  You have probably never heard of a bumper dumper and you are wondering what it is.

A Bumper Dumper is a Toilet seat bolted to a steel, forked frame that attaches directly to the trailer hitch of your car or truck.  Some people like to call these Portable Camp Toilets. You simply attach the Bumper Dumper to you trailer hitch in seconds and then put a 5 gallon pail under it with a plastic garbage bag in the pail.  Then when ever you have to go, just sit on the Toilet seat like you would at home.  When it’s time to wipe, you grab the toilet paper store on the bumper of your car ot truck and deposit it in the pail just like you would a regular toilet.  If you park your vehicle next to a tree or large bush so no one can see, you won’t believe how convenient it is. 

People laughed at me when I first bought one but after they tried it they loved it and bought one themseleves.  It even turned some of those who didn’t like camping because of the inconvenience of havint to go potty into regular campers.  Try the Bumper Dumper for yourself and you won’t believe how nice and convenient it is.  Make the Bumper Dumper part of your camping gear for years to come.


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