Buying Kids Play Tents

There are definitely two different types of kids tents. One of them is the play tent. These come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and are mostly for your child to play in, either outside, or indoors. They will provide shade from the sun while they are playing in the back yard, or at the beach, but don’t have the sturdiness to stand up very well in camping situations. Many are made from light materials, and most don’t have rain and weather repellant qualities that a real camping tent can provide.

Kids Play Tents

Kids Play Tents

Now if you are looking for camping kids play tents, then you want to go with a sturdier tent construction. The seams need to be reinforced, and there should be a weather sealant application. It should have a thick floor to prevent rips and tears, and smooth running zippers. There are family tents that are available that have extension openings so you can separate your kids and have some privacy, and there are some with room dividers.

There are many different styles of kids play tents and family tents to choose from. Cabin tents were very popular for a number of years, from the early days of camping, but one of the major problems was that they were large, bulky and needed an owner’s manual just to set up. While there are cabin tents still around today, these are often modified dome tents. Dome tents were created to help save time setting up camps, and their low profile made them ideal for high wind situations. They can still be quite large, and accommodate families up to six people. They have room dividers, openings for extensions, and smaller openings to run power cords through. Some even have separate rooms, for kids and gear.

There are some other nice things about buying dome style kids play tents, and family tents. They are usually far cheaper than the older style cabin tent. They can be set up in less than an hour, unlike the older models where you would have to spend hours trying to fit everything together. The materials are far lighter than the canvas, but still provide ample protection from the elements.

There are many places you can buy tents, and there are times of the year when the prices are lowest. If you want a good kids tent, family tent, or even a single model, the best time of the year to buy is in the early fall. While the selection may not be as great at local retailers, you can still find an abundance of products online, and on sale. There is less of a demand for them in the winter, and this is the time when you will find the best deals.

So if you want good dome kids play tents, buy your tent during the fall and winter months instead of the spring. You will get a better deal, and you won’t be waiting until the last minute to get the one you want. You can also find a wide selection of tubes for your kid tents, as well as tents that will connect to the back of your truck or van.


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