How to take down camping tents in 10 easy steps

Spruce Peak Camping Tents

Spruce Peak Camping Tents

Most people agree that putting up a camping tent is much more difficult than taking it down.  But there are some easy steps to follow when taking camping tents down that will make things easier when you put it up again.  Listed below are the steps for taking down your camping tent.

1. Sweep out the bottom of the camping tent while it is still up so it’s clean when you put it up again days, weeks or months away.

2. Close and tie down all the windows so even after the tent is packed away, it is also pretty well sealed and won’t collect dust inside.

3. Mark the poles if they aren’t already so you are reminded where the go the next time you put the tent up.

4. Remove all of the poles before removing any of the stakes in the ground.

5. Remove the stakes.  Note that depending on whether the stakes are seated well into the ground or not, it may be easier to remove the stakes with a claw hammer.

6. Fold the camping tent material from one side to the other repeatedly until the width of the material is about 24″ to 30″ wide.  Do not fold square like a blanket.  It should appear like a rectangle when you are finished floding it.

7.  Place an old bath towel on top of the tent and at the end of the folded tent.

8. Place your hammer, stakes and poles on the towel with the ends of these items pointing toward the sides of the folded tent.

9. Now start rolling the tent up from one end of the rectangle to the other.  Start by folding it very tightly against the poles and stakes and continue to roll the tent toward the other end.  Note:  Air will fill up in side the tent so be patient and fold the tent while pushing the air out slowly.

10. The tent should now appear like a small tube shaped tent to be easily put in a carrying case.

Now you are ready for your next camping trip and an easire time setting up the tent next time.  You will not lose your stakes, poles or hammer and they will be ready for you next time.


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