Romance In Camping Tents

One of the real positive benefits of camping that is seldom discussed is the romance that occurs when in camping tents.  Today I celebrated my 31st wedding anniversary with my wonderful wife Kay.  We went to dinner at Apple-bee’s and reminisced a Camping Tentslittle bit about previous years.  I then gave her an anniversary card and a salted nut roll.  I told her the salted nut roll was a symbol of what we have in common after 31 years; when mixed, one of us (me) is a little nutty on the outside and the other (her) is very sweet on the inside.  We then returned home where one hour later she received 6 red roses I had delivered.  The weather was nice and love was in the air.

After being home a while I reminiced about all the times we enjoyed camping over the years with our friends, family, and 3 kids and their friends.  Our 3 kids are now avid campers and they own their own camping tents.  I truly believe that one of the key reasons we are still married after 31 years is partially because of the fun and laughter had at camping sites in Texas and Minnesota.  Our love started early on when I took Kay camping with my best friend Chip and his girlfriend before we got married.  The outing was rainy and a little depressing but we made the most of it.  It was hard times like that helped our love grow and blossom over the years.  Now we go camping with our kids and our grandchildren and its a blast.

So if you are interested in starting a romance and watching it blossom, get a family camping tent and head out to a campsite and laugh and have fun.  Tell stories, play games, roast marshmallows and make smores.


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