Pets in your Family Tents?

Many people are so in love with their pet dog, cat, bird, lizard or bunny that they want to bring it everywhere they go; including camping.   Just like parents want to bring children with them camping, I know pet lovers feel the same way about their pets.  I may get a whipping with a wet noodle for this one but I say “Leave your Pets at Home”.  Why?  Many reasons.

  • Nothing is worse than a pet peeing or pooping at your camp site except doing it inside your family tents.  Pet lovers might say they’ll take their pet for a walk and make sure this doesn’t happen at the camp site or in the family tents.   Yeah right!!!
  • There is an unspoken rule of etiquette at a camp ground and that is to not cross over onto another campers site.  This also applies
    Mt. Kinsman Family Tents

    Mt. Kinsman Family Tents

    to pets.  Now pet lovers will say they will keep the pet on a leash or in a cage to prevent them from going to other sites.  But  I say:  “If you are going to put the pet on the leash on in a cage, keep them at home where they will be a lot more comfortable”.
  • Barking or meowing or any other noises are just annoying in the middle of the night and
    even during the daytime.  I understand children crying can be annoying to but all attempts to quiet the noise of animals or children normally requires the animal or child be in your family tent which brings us to the first reason above.  You don’t want to cleaning up after a pet if it doo doo’s all over.
  • If you do risk bringing the pet into your family camping tents, note that the little light that you have at the campsite will cause shadows to appear on the sides of the tent and pets are often afraid of these shadows which will cause them to get up and walk around or bark and meow, ultimately waking others up and disrupting their sleep.

The bottom line here is that pets live with you at home most of the time and they are comfortable around that home so leave them there and have someone babysit the pet twice a day.  Sure, your pet needs a getaway every once in a while just like you.  But I suggest you simply take your pet on a short ride to the woods, a baseball field or a soccer field for a few hours or take them to the lake.  They will enjoy this a lot more than being tied up or put on a leash and they will love you for it.


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