Do you consider sleeping in dome tents to be Roughing it?

Dome Tents

Dome Tents

What does “Roughing it” mean to you.  I know it means different things to different people.  For some teenagers, having to live without their ipod, cell phone or access to face book for a whole week is roughing it.  My oldest daughter Jenny is 27 years old and she says roughing it means living with the bare necessities.  My 24 year old son Ryan says roughing it means having only the bare neccessities to do what you want to do and having a lot of fun doing it.  Ryan’s friend Darcy says roughing it means going up in the Colorado mountains and camping.  Another of Ryan’s friends says not showering for two days is roughing it.  And another of his friends says making do with what you got is roughing it.  To me, roughing it means living off the land eating only what you trap, catch or shoot, sleeping in dome tents in cold, rainy weather and sleeping on the ground where one or both of your hands can easily touch the dirt. 

I don’t consider sleeping in a dome tent to be roughing it.  In fact, living and sleeping in a tent is heaven to me.  Watching the sun rise and set.  Feeling the coolness on your clothes and the smell of dew on everything.  Listening to birds chirping, loons whistling, beavers slapping the water and pheasants cackling in the distance.  Being able to sleep in any kind of tent makes life so much more enjoyable whether its in a backpacking tent, family tent, expedition tent, truck tent or a dome tent.  My youngest daughter Lisa is 20 years old and she says roughing it means “Playing rough” and her boyfriend says Camping without amenities is roughing it.  My 45 year old cousin Gary says Roughing it means no running water, no toilet and sleeping on the ground.  My 43 year old sister Carolyn says roughing it is No bed, no indoor plumbing, and being stuck outdoors in bad weather.

I think the bottom line is this.  Roughing it is “FUN” and although camping in a dome tent or family tent my be roughing it for some people, it’s still a lot of fun so give it a try.  Get yourself a new dome tent today and try roughing it.


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