How Far Apart Should Camping Tents Be Pitched

A lot of information has been written about how to pitch camping tents but there isn’t much published regarding how far apart camping tents should be positioned at a camp site.  When camping with multiple camping tents on the same camp site with family or friends, I don’t think it matters much because everyone is camping together. And when cub scouts, girl scouts and soldiers pitch their tents on camp sites,

Katahdin 3 Season Cabin Tent Dome Hybrid Camping Tents

Katahdin 3 Season Cabin Tent Dome Hybrid Camping Tents

they may position them close together.  But when you arrive at a new camp site for the first time and there are potentially multiple camping tents on the sites around yours, you’ll want to pitch your tent a reasonable distance from the tents on the other sites so everyone can still have the privacy they seek; especially at night.  This is especially true if you have young children. 

Imagine pitching your tent on the left side of your camp site to allow for more room but your withing 20 feet of another tents pitched by a young couple aged 19-20 whose tent is on the right side of their camp site so they have more room.  You’ll easily hear noise from the neighboring tent and you probably won’t want your kids to hear the noises eminating from the young couple tent at night.  

Therefore, a general rule of thumb I think you might want to consider is pitching your camping tents at least 200 feet from water, trails and other tents at on other campsites. 

I know this rule can’t always be followed and will vary from one camp ground to the next, but it is something to consider.  What do you think of this as a general rule?


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