Hydration Backpacks

There are many different kinds of backpacks but most people are only familiar with the kind of backpack one takes to school to store their books and school supplies or the kind of backpack one takes when hiking the trails, mountains or other terrain.  But there is another kind of backpack called a Hydration backpack.

With school backpacks and hiking backpacks you store your water is a separate container and remove it when you need a drink.  The

Swissgear Tech Oasis Hydration Pack Backpacks

Swissgear Tech Oasis Hydration Pack Backpacks

container might be a thermos or plastic jug and ends up being bulky and taking up most of the room in your backpack.  It slows you down because you have to remove the container in order to drink from it.  Swiss Gear’s Oasis Technical Hydration Pack has a 2 liter anti-microbial bladder, tube and bite valve with the bladder sleeve featuring a cooling liner.

Athletes and outdoors enthusiasts from an ever-growing list of sports and activities use hydration backpacks for their hands-free convenience, ease of use, advanced technology, and performance benefits.  SwissGear helps you stay hydrated to keep your body and mind performing at their best.  It has a reservoir pocket which is insulated to keep liquids in the reservoir cool for hours.

Maybe a hydration backpack is not something you’d ever use because you are not a hard core hiker.  But if you are one that easily and quickly gets thirsty when hiking or walking/running long distances, hydration backpacks might be right up your alley.


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