Camping Thought For The Day – Are 2 Man Pup Tents 2 Person Tents

Camping Thought for the Day: Are 2 Man Pup Tents Always 2 Person Tents?

I don’t think so.  In fact, a two-man pup tent does not include two men or a pup so why should I believe a it’s a 2 person tent.

A pup tent is a actually defined as a structure used for shelter that is made with some sort of durable material, such as canvas, and two poles. There are many types of tents, but the pup tent is distinguished by its small size and lack of roof. A typical pup tent was originally only about 6 ft (1.8 m) long, 4 ft (1.2 m) wide, and about 3.5 ft (1.1 m) high, though they may now be found in slightly larger sizes. One pole holds up the front, and one pole is placed in the back, giving the tent an A-frame appearance. They get the name of pup tent due to

Catoma Outdoor's Twist Tent - 1-2 Person Tents

Catoma Outdoor's Twist Tent - 1-2 Person Tents

the small, kid-like size or puppy-like size.

Pup tents are used by hikers because their small size allows for easy transport in a backpack like typical 1-2 Person Tents, and they are also the traditional tent of the military. These tents are only big enough for one or two adults, so they aren’t the best choice for family camping, but they’re ideal for individuals who need a lightweight shelter that can be constructed with ease and efficiency. In addition to the two poles, pup tents are held in place with tent stakes and tent ropes.

Military pup tents are a bit larger than a traditional pup tent, as they are intended to be a two-soldier tent. They are made from two military shelter half pieces that fasten together with buttons or snaps at the roof line, creating a pitched roof. Each soldier carries a shelter piece in a backpack, then they work together to construct the pup tent. Early military pup tents didn’t have a front flap, so soldiers were exposed to the weather, but could easily view activities outside the tent.

Cotton duck material was the fabric used to make early military pup tents, and the tent poles were made of wood. Today, military pup tents are made with a cotton sateen fabric that is better for protecting soldiers from rain, and they have aluminum poles that are lighter for transporting in a backpack. Commercial pup tents are now commonly made with nylon which is resistant to rain, and most come with groundcloths and insect-proof mesh for the doorways.

Pup tents make efficient use of floor space, but they are so small that a camper can’t even sit up in many of them. They also leave little room for storing items, so backpacks and supplies may have to be left outside while sleeping. Pup Tents and other 1-2 Person Tents are, however, the best choice for hikers who must travel long distances by foot to reach a campsite, because they are the lightest weight and take up the least amount of room in a backpack.


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