Make a Care Bear in a Cloud Using Outdoor Cookware

Outdoor Cookware

Outdoor Cookware

If you have ever gone camping you have probably roasted marshmallows or hotdogs over an open campfire.  And it’s likely you might have made SMORES which consist of a roasted marshmallow and a piece of a Hershey chocolate bar sandwiched between two graham cracker wafers to form a deliciously guey, crunchy, chocolatey dessert that melts in your mouth and tastes heavenly.  It tastes so good that you will want SoMORE.

But it’s unlikely that you have ever made a “Care Bear in a Cloud”.  Listed below are steps to make this tasty desert so when you plan your next trip, make sure your bring Outdoor Cookware to roast marshmallows and consider making a Care Bear in a Cloud.

  • Buy one bag of large white marshmallows
  • Buy one box of chocolate flavored Teddy Graham (each Teddy Graham looks like a Teddy Bear/Care Bear
  • Push one Teddy Graham into one marshmallow (the marshmallow is the cloud)
  • Put the marshmallow onto a long stick.
  • Put the stick over the campfire until the marshmallow begins to turn golden brown and melts around the Care Bear.
  • Eat the “Care Bear in a Cloud” and enjoy

Kids love it.  It’s easy and fun to make.  Anyone can do it.   It takes only a minute to finish.  It’s less expensive than making Smores and it’s less messy.  Try it out on your next camping trip.


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