Games To Play With Kids Play Tents

Simple, cheap, and safe, kids tents are great toys. In the garden in the summer, or in the house over winter, they’re an endless source of fun, fantasy, and adventure.

Role playing games are an old favorite. Indians and Soldiers are famous for living in tents, but kids play tents come in all sorts of special types, not just teepees and camouflaged army tents. Medieval gazebos and castles are great for playing at being Lords, Ladies and Knights in shining armor.

Cottage Play House Tent - Kids Play Tents

Cottage Play House Tent - Kids Play Tents

You can get car and plane shaped tents as well. They can be loaded with passengers and goods. Don’t forget the tickets!

Kids love role-playing, Cottage Play House Tents and Gazebos are great for this. Just set up a bench outside and you have a shop or a café. The kids will stock the tent with all the goods, and then serve people by going and having a look in the back to see what they can find.

Of course you can always play at camping, a picnic in the garden held around the ‘campsite’ with the tent and garden chairs. Even in winter you can improvise an indoor campsite around a Kids tent to make a mealtime with a difference! Getting kids camping chairs and tables makes it all the more realistic, and they can use these for coloring and other activities as well.

As a treat in winter, you can set up an indoor campsite and after eating at the ‘campsite’, you can let them sleep overnight in their tents.

Kids love running around in summer, sometimes too much. Getting them to come in the house for a rest can be a real challenge. A kids tent in the garden can be a good compromise, playing a quiet game or reading a book to them in the tent makes it an adventure, and when they drop off you can just leave them there to rest, sheltered from the sun.

The more play tents you have, the more the fun! Add a tunnel tent to link two tents, make junctions with cube tents, and before you know it your garden will be a real adventure playground! Small kids will love playing hide and seek in and out all the tents, more boisterous ones will love tag. But if you really want get the most fun out the indoor play tents, try playing campers and bears!

In campers and bears, one kid is the bear and the others are the campers. One tent is the home base, the bear goes in the home base and counts up while the campers run off to hide. When the Bear has finished counting, the campers have to try to get into the home base tent without being tagged by the bear.

If a camper is tagged by the bear they still go into the home base, and the first one tagged will be the bear in the next round. But if a camper makes it to the home base without being tagged, they rescue all the campers already in the home base, even if they had already been tagged, and the bear has to rely on getting a camper that hadn’t yet made it home.

If the home base has got different entrances, it gets all the more complicated, tunnel tents really liven the game up!

Kids tents are great for using in obstacle courses, especially when they’re linked by tunnel tents. The small spaces and openings give the younger kids an advantage, they have a chance of beating the older ones!

Gazebo tents and Wendy play house tents also have a practical use, in summer you can leave them out and throw all the garden toys in them at the end of the day. Some people do this in the house as well, a tent in the bedroom can make a great bit of extra storage space for all the cuddly toys that nobody can bear to throw out!

There’s no limit to the fun and fantasy you can have with kids play tents. With so many different types available, they make great presents to add to the Kids tent and tunnel collection!


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