Are you finding yourself in the woods without a handheld GPS

Outdoors enthusiasts distinguish themselves by their “extreme” behavior. These survivalists and thrill seekers are always looking for new ways to challenge themselves both mentally and physically.

In some ways, it’s perfectly healthy to test the limits of our survival instincts and ability to adapt in a hostile environment.  But one should

Handheld GPS

Handheld GPS

never sacrifice proper safety precautions.  If you’re planning a trip to some remote recess of the globe, be sure to add a handheld GPS device to your camping gear.

Even the most experienced hikers can get lost when surroundings become unfamiliar, and it’s good to have a lifeline in the face of potential danger.

Handheld GPS devices come in handy whether you’re just trying to confirm your position or you are actually in need of help.


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