Bring the right camping supplies to protect your food

The last thing you want to do when camping is store your food in your tent.  The outdoors is where animals such as bears, skunks and raccoon live.  These animals have all learned that wherever humans are, food can be found nearby and they are often not afraid of humans.  They don’t want to eat humans but they can be very disruptive when looking for food and you have it in your tent or spread

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throughout the campsite.

The safest place to keep your camping food is in your car because animals can’t smell the food as well and certainly won’t be able to get in the car.  But what if you don’t want to store your food in the car or you’ve got some left over food that’s garbage and you plan to throw it away in a dumpster later.  You should consider adding large garbage bags to your camping supplies.  You can store the fresh food in one bag and the garbage food in another then hang both high up in a tree by tying the bags to one end of a rope then throwing the bag over a branch and tying off the other end of the rope to a nail in the tree.  Don’t forget to bring some nails, a 25 foot rope and a small hammer.  Note that raccoon and bears can climb trees and possibly tear the bags but more often than not, hanging them high is a deterrent and the scent of the food up high is not as easily detected as when it’s on a table or on the ground in a bag.

Other supplies you might consider bringing is a fishing net and a folding shovel.  Why?  Instead of using a garbage bag you can put your food in a large fishing net and hang it high in a tree by tying one end of a rope to the end of the fishing net handle, throwing the net over a tree branch and tying off the other end of a rope to a nail in the tree or another branch.  It’s a lot harder for bears and raccoon to reach the net because of the net’s long handle and it’s also harder to tear a net than it is to tear a garbage bag.  Use your folding shovel to bury left over food if there isn’t a trash container near by and bury the food far away from your tents.

Lastly, always remember to hang the food far away from your tent and your car.  Following the above tips and bringing the right camping supplies will help you avoid the critters that love your food as much as you do and these tips will help keep you safe.


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