Picking the best camp sites for family tents or backpacking tents

Camping is one of the best ways for families to get out and be a part of nature and really reconnect. For many families, vacation means popping up the family tents and finding the perfect camp site and enjoying all that nature has to offer. Perhaps you are one that enjoys using backpacking tents; it is your escape from the hustle and bustle that you deal with everyday. Naturally, finding the right campsite is important for any camping trip. There are a few tips that you can follow to help make sure you find the best campsite for your family tents or backpacking tents.

Backpacking Tents

Backpacking Tents

The first thing to look for is a flat site; it isn’t enough to just find a clear site to set up your family tents.  You want the camp site to be flat, an area that drains well, and is dry and breezy. There are a few reasons to look for these requirements before pitching your backpacking tents. A flat surface is better for your tent and you; there will be less shifting of the tent through the day. Everything will be balanced and secure. Not that one would think of sleeping on a hill, but even a bumpy surface can make sleep uncomfortable. Making sure that you are in an area that drains well and is breezy will help decrease the number of mosquitoes and allow for a better night’s sleep. For family tents that will house small children, nothing is more important than a good night’s sleep.

For some the best camp sites are those that are by the water. Being by the water means that you can enjoy water sport activities like canoeing, swimming or kayaking. If you are using your family tents near water, make sure that you are at least 200 meters (or 218 yards) away from the water. You don’t want your campsite to contaminate the water source. You should also try to avoid game trails because you don’t want to scare away the animals from their drinking source.  Backpacking tents make it easier to hike farther into the woods or other camping area so that you may enjoy camping in an area where you can go four wheeling.

Another item to consider is electricity. Do you want your site to have electricity or not. When you are using family tents or backpacking tents, electricity may not even be an issue. Many families and avid campers enjoy getting out and being one with nature. There is nothing quite like a camp fire at night or reading or playing cards by the light of a lantern. This is an excellent way for families to reconnect and get away from the madness of technology. You simply can’t forget the joy of hiking while you are camping. Backpacking tents allow you to move your campsite each day if you want as you hike and find new and exciting places to explore. Family tents offer wonderful “base camps” so that your family can hike out and around then return to the base camp at the end of the day to relax.

For families that are camping using family tents you should consider the age of your children when you are picking a campsite. This could mean instead of hiking your way through the woods to find the most serene of camping sites, you might want to visit a campground. This will provide you with access to bathrooms and showers. There are many campgrounds all over the world that offer a place for family tents or backpacking tents to make camp. You can choose to be close to the facilities or as far away as possible. Campgrounds also offer many activities such as swimming, play grounds and kayaking. They offer the best of everything.

For families with an adventurous side or the weekend camper, using backpacking tents to get out and hike the woods or explore the side of a mountain is more alluring then a camp ground. Finding a flat area to set up camp can be a bit more of challenge on a mountain then the woods. The woods may offer a more secure place for camping, as you don’t have to worry about falling rocks while you are sleeping. The woods also tend to offer campsites that are not as rocky as the mountain camp site. This is important when you are sleeping in family tents or backpacking tents, you don’t want to get jabbed while you are sleeping should you turn over and find a rock to be hiding out under your sleeping bag.

Camping is one of the few vacations that you can enjoy that really will take you away from all the chaos of life. Take the time and reconnect with your family by camping in family tents or just get away and reconnect with nature by using backpacking tents. Whatever you are waiting for, there is a world of adventure out there!


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  1. I agree that you should keep a bit of distance from those places where the animals drink. You don’t want to wake up to the sounds of a bear or wolf wandering into your campsite. The place where you set up your tent determines the quality of your camping trip a great deal, and you have shared great pieces of advice, thanks!

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