My Top 10 Backpacking Tips – Tip #6 (Camping Grills and Stoves)

You normally want to keep your list of outdoor cookware and camping grills or stoves to a minimum when backpacking because you will have to eat but you don’t want to lug around a whole bunch of heavy stuff you don’t need.  Here are some backpacking tips to consider.

  • Campfires are a thing of the past in alpine areas; bring a lightweight, reliable backpacking stove; they’re quicker, easier,
    Backpacker Mini Stove -Isobutane

    Backpacker Mini Stove -Isobutane

    environmentally friendly, odor-free, and flexible.  While camping grills are nice for family outings, small, lightweight backpacking stoves are better for backpackers.  For example, the Backpacker Mini Stove -Isobutane is extremely lightweight and perfect for backpacking.
  • When in doubt, take an extra fuel bottle (cold temperatures require more fuel, and cooking time increases with elevation).
  • You can cook and eat almost anything using only a pot, spoon, drinking cup and measuring cup.
  • Instead of soap, consider using rubbing alcohol to sanitize dinnerware, or wave briefly through stove flame.
  • For cooked-on food, leave the pot to soak, or take a small scrubber.

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