Top 10 Tips for Campfire Starting With Camping Supplies

Listed below are several tips to help you with setting up, starting and stopping camp fires.

Tip #1 – Add a shovel to your camping gear so you can dig a campfire pit, clear away debris and move the embers when complete.  Make sure there are no tree roots to be burned in the fire pit area and no rocks to be damaged/blackened by the fire when lit.

Stansport Tri-Fold Micro Shovel

Stansport Tri-Fold Micro Shovel

Tip #2 – Include a camp axe with your camping supplies to chop firewood and create kindling at the camp site

Tip # 3 – Bring some dryer lint collected in a plastic baggie with the rest of your camping gear to use as fire starter.  Or soak some cotton balls in petroleum jelly and put them in a water proof 35mm film container for use as fire starter

Tip #4 – Make sure you are legally allowed to make the campfire in the spot you are planning.  Some areas may be very dry at the time you go camping and have Fire Ban’s active for the area

Tip # 5 – If you don’t already have a pre-built campfire pit at your campsite, find a flat area with no tree branches or leaves above the fire pit area.  Clear away all leaves for a 8-10 foot wide area.  Don’t throw the leaves away as these will be used to cover the area when camping is over so the area is left as it looked when you arrived

Tip #6 – Find some rocks for the kids to draw pictures on using the coals or fire embers after they are cooled.  Bring a few extra charcoals for the kids to use.  These give the campsite a nice look and feel without damaging the site

Tip #7 – Bring a container of water to set beside the campfire so you can use it to control and put out the fire when done

Tip #8 – Bring waterproof matches in a plastic container and use them to start the fire.

Camping Supplies

Camping Supplies

Tip #9  – When setting up the campfire, put the kindling or balled up newspaper down first, then add your moth balls and/or dryer lint.  Lastly, put logs on the fire; stacking them in a teepee shape.  Start the fire with the waterproof matches or a lighter by setting the newspaper or lint on fire.

Tip #10 – Always make sure the fire is completely out before going to bed and leaving the campsite.   You can do this using water or getting a shovel and covering the fire with dirt.  Make sure the ground is cool to the touch then cover the area with the same leaves and debris used to clear the area.  This will make sure the area is ready for the next camper and left in the same condition.  But make 100% sure the ground is cool first so the fire doesn’t re-start on it’s own after you leave.

The above tips are our Top 10 but I also recommend you shop around for other camping supplies you may need to add to you existing camping gear or replace with new stuff.  Most of all, have fun camping and remember, “The Joy is in the Journey”.


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