Low Fat S’mores When Camping Or Backpacking

After a long day of camping, backpacking or hiking in the wilderness, you deserve a treat, something to reward you for the day but something that won’t bog you down.  You need S’mores With a Twist.  Simply replace the chocolate bar used in a typical S’more with a 1/4 banana slice.  It’s light, easy to make and yummy.

  • graham crackers

    Rome Industries Marshmallow Tree

    Rome Industries Marshmallow Tree

  • marshmallows
  • bananas, cut into quarter

Toast marshmallows. You can use a stick to roast the marshmallow over an open firepit or grill our you can use some of the outdoor cookware available at Camping Tents Haven

Place your toasted marshmallow on the graham cracker then add the 1/4 banana smashing it a little before placing on the graham cracker and toasted marshmallow.

This tasty fireside treat is lower in calories than a S’more with a Hershey bar. Try it and remember, ‘The Joy is in the Journey’.


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