Birdwatching with Rangefinders



One of the things you can do for you mom this on her birthday or for Christmas is take her bird watching.  First, get some Rangefinders to add to your mom’s camping gear or backpacking gear.  While they are more expensive than regular binoculars, they are worth the price because it’s really nice to know just how far away objects are when you are viewing them.  Rangefinders normally provide a digital readout on the inside of the lens while you are viewing an object.

After you get your Rangefinders, get a book on birds that also provides a log sheet so mom can log what she sees, look up the bird type and learn a little bit about it.  Lastly, take your mom to a wooded area or to a nearby lake shore or river and just watch the birds.  Bring a portable camping grill and cook her some dinner while she is bird watching.  Don’t forget to take the Rangefinders on your next camping trip as well.  The time you spend together on a trips like these will establish memories that will last a lifetime.  Remember, “The Joy is in the Journey”.

Note that Mom can also use the rangefinders when camping to keep close tabs on her youngsters in order to make sure they don’t stray to far away from the camp site.  She will be able to tell exactly how far away they are.


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