Three Camping Options For Sleeping Off The Ground

Before you go camping with your family you will spend lots of time making sleeping arrangements because everyone knows that if you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you’ll be cranky in the morning.   The first decision you want to make regarding camping furniture is whether you want to sleep on the ground or off the ground.  If you are okay with sleeping on the ground, a good mummy bag or sleeping bags will suffice.  You may also want to consider a bivy which houses your sleeping bag and will keep the ground critters away.  If you want to be off the ground you have three basic choices.

Choice #1: Sleep in a Hammock.  Hammocks aren’t for everyone but if you get a really wide one that doesn’t feel real tipsy, they can be really comfortable and you’ll get a good night’s sleep.  I suggest trying one at home first before making this your choice for camping beds.

Air Beds

Air Beds

Choice #2: Sleep on a cotCots are available in various widths and lengths and they fold up nicely when traveling.   Some cots come with pads and if you put your sleeping bag on top of the pad, you’ll feel really comfortable.

Choice #3:  Sleep on air beds.  Most people think of an air beds as air mattresses or plastic blown up mattresses you lay on in the water.  A Camping air bed is much different kind of mattress.  Air beds for camping are available in the same sizes as regular beds i.e. twin, full and Queen.  And they are available with build in electrical pumps that blow them up in less than 5 minutes with the turn of a knob and push of a button.  They can also be deflated just as quickly and packed away easily for your next camping trip,  A camping air bed mattress often comes with a felt top for softness and can be fitted with the same sheets you use at your own home.  And the most cool camping air beds are the ones that blow up to a thickness of about 2 feet so it’s as high as your regular bed at home.  The Coleman Queen Quickbed Pillow Top with Pump is an excellent camping bed. 

If you have a large family tent, one or more of the Coleman Quickbed Pillow top air mattresses will make you feel right at home i.e. a home away from home.


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