Backpacking Tents aren’t just for hikers

Backpacking Tents - SwissGear Niesen Hiker Tent

Backpacking Tents - SwissGear Niesen Hiker Tent

While backpacking tents are intentionally designed to be lightweight so they can easily be carried by backpackers and hikers in the back country, they can also be used as a base camp for 1-2 people.  When I was younger, my best friend Chip and I would often go hunting for grouse, squirrels and ducks in northern Minnesota.  We’d pitch a small backpacking tent and set up a base camp.  Then we’d hunt ducks in the early morning at a select pond in the back woods.  After hunting in the morning, we’d come back to the base camp to get some breakfast, then head out in the afternoon to hunt squirrels and grouse.  After a few hours walking through the woods we would return to the tent, take a short nap, get a bite to eat then head out in the evening to sneak up on ducks in small ponds near the base camp.

It was always lots of fun, good exercise and at the end of the day, we would clean the small game and waterfowl we shot, put some on ice in the cooler, cook the meat right over the fire and then eat the rest right their at the base camp.  If you enjoy camping with a good friend and you don’t have lots of money to spend, try a backpacking tent this year.  You don’t need a big family tent and backpacking tents make an excellent base camp for a couple of hunters.  The Niesen Hiker Tent is a great backpacking tent and very similar to the one Chip and I used when we hunted in Northern Minnesota.  I suggest you check it out.


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