What is the difference between camping grills and camping stoves

When you go shopping for a new camping grill or stove, you should know what the difference is between the two.  Camping Grills and camping stoves both cook your food and they are both available in small, large and portable styles.  Both also can be fueled by charcoal, propane or gas.  These are obvious differences to the naked eye.  But what’s not always obvious is this.  A camping grill allows the

Camping Grills - Profile DUO 2-Burner/Grill Combo

Camping Grills - Profile DUO 2-Burner/Grill Combo

flame of the fire to directly touch the food you are cooking.  While your food rests on a grill or grate as they are sometime called, the flame can sear the food or burn the grate marks into the meat you are cooking.  Your food will usually get cooked much faster on a grill but you have to be careful not to burn it.  Camping grills are best for cooking chicken, steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs and pork chops.  Many people like the charred taste of their food.

A camping stove transfers the heat from the fire to the food through a pot or pan.  Camping stoves normally don’t have a grate or grill but instead have a heating element to rest a pot or pan on.  Camping stoves are good for cooking things like eggs, bacon, hash browns, potatoes, beans, chili, hot dishes and other things you need to put in a pot or pan.  They are normally less messy and easier to clean.  I actually prefer Camping grills because they are easier to start , I like the charbroiled taste of the food and they are easier to keep clean; leaving more time for other camping activities.  I recommend you check out the Weber Gas-Go Anywhere Grill.


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