The Biggest of all Dome Tents is?

Do you know what the biggest of all dome tents is?  It was built in 1982.  My oldest daughter Jennifer who is now 28 years old, married, has her own house and a 3 month old baby was born in 1982.  I remember 1982 not only because my first little baby girl was born in that year but also because one of the biggest dome tents in the world was build in 1982.  The Metrodome was built in White Cap Mountain Dome Tent - With Fly1982 and was home for the Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Twins and Minnesota Gophers for over 20 years.  The Minnesota Vikings and Mall of America® announced today a partnership for the naming rights to the field that has served as the team’s home since 1982.   The agreement, announced from the Vikings Winter Park facility, provides that the field will be called Mall of America Field at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome for a three-year period beginning October 5, 2009, and ending February 28, 2012.  Now this is obviously not a Dome tent for camping but there are some pretty big dome tents and some smaller dome tents.

Dome tents are basically tents that look like domes. You may be wondering, what makes these dome tents so special anyway? One of the things that sets these dome tents apart from the rest is its sleek design. When you put up a dome tent, there will be a peak on top of the tent. The fabric of a dome tent will not go downwards directly but in a curvature. The curvature gives more space to the tent. There will be more volume in the tent with this kind of design. Another thing that sets dome tents apart from the rest is the weight. When you have a dome tent, it is usually lighter than all the other tents. When a tent is lighter, you will have a lesser hassle carrying it around. You will also be safer since you will not worry about the weight straining your back. You will not worry about any of your muscles or your joints getting strained during your transit to the camp site.  Some small dome tents also have a dual personality i.e. they can serve as a dome tent and a backpacking tent.  The White Cap Mountain Dome Tent from Gigatent is an excellent dome tent for 5-6 people.  Small groups or young and evolving families will enjoy this dome tent a lot.  Check it out and remember, The Joy is in the Journey.


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