Are Dome Tents gay, cool or bad

Dome Tents

Dome Tents

When my kids were teenagers they frequently used the word “gay” to refer to something as being bad and it bothered me.  They’d say something like “that car is so gay” which meant the car was bad.  So I looked up the word gay in Wikopedia and learned that the word originated in 1697 as meaning “joyful, cheerful”.  Wikopedia went on to say the word evolved into referring to ones sexual orientation and because so many people think a gay sexual orientation is bad, the word evolved into a more general meaning of other things being bad or negative .  It bothered me until I realized this happens all the time.

When my parents were teenagers they had dome tents but they frequently used the word “cool” to refer to something as being really good or nice.  It must have really confused their parents because they always thought the word “cool” referred to a temperature like the opposite of warm or hot so they obviously must have wondered why their kids thought dome tents we not hot because they were very hot in the summer.

I even remember using the word “Bad” when I was a teenager to refer to something that was really good.  For example, me and my friends might say “that car is really baaa…d”  which meant the car was actually really good, or cool or gay.  So here is my final thought.  I think Dome tents are all three; they are cool, gay and baaaa…d so if you don’t have one, go get one ASAP and enjoy camping this spring.  And remember, “The Joy is in the Journey”.


2 Responses

  1. Dome tents are cool, as long as they don’t leave you wet. Of course that applies to any tent pretty much.

    I like your blog and will be back often. Swing by mine when you have a min.

    • I like your BLOG. It’s very easy to read and very much like mine. I llok forward to you return. I bookmarked you BLOG and will be returning as well. Enjoy and remember, the Joy is in the Journey.

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