Camping grills and combos are perfect for tent camping

Last year I finally got rid of my 30 year old Coleman Outdoor Gas stove that ran on Coleman Fuel and I got a new propane grill.

I remember having to buy a half gallon of Coleman fuel, a lot more than I ever needed and normally enough to last you me five years.  I’d pour about a pint of the fuel through a small funnel into a cylindrical canister of the Coleman fuel and normally spill a little on the

Camping Grills - Profile DUO 2-Burner_Grill Combo

Camping Grills - Profile DUO 2-Burner_Grill Combo

canister.  After filling up the canister, I’d push a compressor nozzle on the canister repeatedly to get pressure build up in the lines of the Coleman grill so I could start the fire.  Then I had to use a match instead of an automatic igniter to get the fire going and this often caused some of the Coleman fuel that spilled on the outside of the canister to start on fire.  I’d have to quickly put out the fire with a small rag.

My Coleman stove got so old, it felt like an antique and it’s not very safe anymore.  In addition, I wanted a camping grill and not just a stove so I got a new Profile DUO 2-Burner/Grill Combo.

Stove/grill combos allow you to cook meat right on the grill plate. Propane camping grills are also very easy to operate. It’s safe, easy to use, and very convenient.

Do you have a Camping Grill or Stove and which do you prefer?  Do you prefer the use of propane, gas/fuel or charcoal?

Maybe it’s time for you to upgrade too.  If so, consider camping grills vs stoves and also consider whether you want 2 burner or 3 burner camping grills?


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